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Smelly air – these are the words which first strike me of some incidents which are usually common in every home. Have you ever smelled the socks that you wear? Well some socks Don’t smell a bad odor. But have you ever felt smelly air when those sales executives come inside your home leaving their shoes outside the main door to show a demonstration of your newly purchased microwave oven?ย This is a common situation for every Indian I believe. The aroma of socks that kiss our noses when such people enter – what else to tell about it! God alone can save us.

But wait! No! We have some contingency plans over here! Why simply irritate god to save our noses from such bad odors when we have Ambipur to the rescue.

Yes! Ambipur!

But wait again! Let me not shift the topic of this piece of writing. ๐Ÿ˜›

Usually whenever we have purchased goods especially the big ones like washing machine, water heater, microwave oven, refrigerator there come neatly dressed executives with formal dressing and black pointed shoes with a bag hung on their shoulders. It is never possible to close the zip of their bags all thanks to the companies for having given them so much of sales materials!

Once, such sales executives rung the bell and we were waiting for them from past two days to fix the newly purchased microwave oven and give us a demonstration. Two guys entered inside leaving their shoes outside in the balcony. They were not less than any Indian bride in creating a foot mark on the floor while entering home for the first time. The only difference here was; these guys’ socks made all the marks. Upon that, the nostalgic smelly air spread around the home as if the air molecules were shouting loudly with great vigor – ATTACK !!!

It was difficult to withstand such a scent. It wasn’t indeed a smiley air around us. I longed to go out and stand in the balcony for some fresh air but immediately – Sir! Can you please let me know which power socket can I use to turn on the oven?

The condition of our noses was so critical when such a scented odor spread across the home in just matter of minutes! What to do? As I told you before, Ambipur came to the rescue!

Another such smelly air we regularly feel in our home is when our cats come carrying in their mouth with full of pride, the corpse of dead rats! I really wonder how cats love such a scented smell! God! The trouble starts there! I and my grandpa run behind the cats not to mention but with our noses closed! The scene is no worse than a Bollywood silly comedy flick! Especially the climax where almost all the cast of the movie join at one place and the extra drama starts!

Well let me hold on to the topic of this writing! I tend to divert a lot from my topic isn’t it? May be that’s why some call me a chatterbox! ๐Ÿ˜›

So! Back to the topic here I come..

The cats run here and there along with the dead rat in their mouth. I and my grandpa run behind them with a cent percent belief in catching the cats n snatching the rat from their mouth with a special weapon or we may call it as lengthy cutting pliers! A lengthy one cos we should make sure the rat doesn’t come in contact with our body!

So, how to get rid of that scented odor? Well once again, Ambipur is the answer!

Since this piece of writing is not constrained for just smelling socks and dead rats, let me also share a few of those smells which bring heaven in front of my nose!

The smell of tasty north Indian masalas that my mom prepares very rarely! That’s really a heaven to my nose! What a taste! I mean, here it is better to tell – what a smell!

The noodles and masala oats are the two dishes worth mentioning when it comes to the topic of smells I love! Another smell I love or I better say this as a smell most of the people love and that’s the smell of mud when it rains! Who doesn’t like it? Well there may be a few but its just a few!

I am heading towards the end of this piece of writing. This was written for Indiblogger contest powered by ambipur and if any of you ambipur people read this piece of writing at any point of time, I’m sure your minds will be struck by two mind blowing advertising concepts! If so, please don’t forget to give my due credits! Haha! Anyways for now this is for a contest! Lets see whether this piece of writing turns out to be a smelly one or a smiley one!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Okay then dear readers, check this outย ๐Ÿ™‚



NOTE : My official website and blog is now LIVE!! Kindly visit and give me your support over there! Listen to my music and read my articles. Also do subscribe to my blog and receive my latest updates to your inbox by just entering your email address by visiting!

“You have a new mail from” – a notification popped up on my tablet screen. The title read – WeChat with anyone, anywhere to win a MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy S4s, Sony smart watches & more! I have to admit that these super cool prizes were the motivational factors for me to check out WeChat!

I opened Google Play Store, searched for the application and installed it on my tablet. Registered there! Whoa! I was totally lost in it. What an application it is! One word – marvelous!

Then I came across the ‘Look Around’ feature of WeChat and when I clicked it, there came a lot of names who are using WeChat and guess what they were all located around me!

Now I started thinking towards the contest. With whom would I love to chat in a group on WeChat, why and what would I chat?

Hmm.. It seemed so difficult because a big list of people; a big list of questions; all Whys, Whats and Hows started creeping in my mind! I finally revised the list and started day dreaming about these most wanted people and most wanted questions!

So, I don’t want to bore you anymore about the blah blah blah… Lets get to the point!

The 5 people I would like to chat with and the list goes like this –

1. The Supreme God

Here I am not talking about Lord Shiv or Lord Ganesha or Jesus Christ or Allah! It’s the supreme God without any name, form and religion. He’s the one whom we have never seen. Never in any of these regular avatars. He, the one who created us human beings; not the ones whom we have created as Gods!

First I would like to thank him for creating this beautiful world and ask him if there is any way people can come out of this caste-ism and believe in one God and that he is formless!

I would also ask him – ” Dear Almighty! Who created all these avatars of yours? Was he an artist and did not know what else to draw at that moment? or was he so creative that he started creating avatars of YOU? “

2. The First Human Being

They say it’s Adam! So let’s call him Adam! But ya of course when Adam came into existence I am sure he didn’t know his name! Anyways I would prefer calling him – the first of a kind. I have a lot of things to talk with him and I am gonna throw some series of questions for him to answer!

” How was Earth looking when you were born buddy? They say you were the first human on Earth, so how did you spend your time alone? When did your girlfriend come into existence? Did you have any idea how would Earth be in 2013? If you would see this Earth as of now, would you really be happy that technology is growing or sad that relationships are breaking?ย Whom did you worship as God? or Did you really worship at all? “

But I wonder how will he answer my questions? Or will he be able to understand me or not? I bet his answers to me would be “ummmmmmm aaammmmm eeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu ayayyayyyyyy ooooooooo” because he was in an era when not only English but also the primitive symbol languages did not exist!

He may also communicate with me through those ‘Umbala Jumbala’ kind of stuffs!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I better learn them now ๐Ÿ˜›

3. The Atheist

I would like to ask the Atheist some simple straight questions – ” If you don’t believe in God, can you please explain me who created this universe? who created these planets? Cos I am sure you didn’t create them!ย “

I am sure the Atheist would be stammering for the perfect answer ๐Ÿ˜› Let him stammer and meanwhile I will turn to the opposite of him; it’s,

4. The Theist

A simple question to the Theist – ” Who is God to you? Lord Ganesha? Lord Krishna? Allah? Jesus Christ? Who? ”

I would like to know from the Theist whether he really believes in God or just being an agent of a particular religion and culture in the name of God! I have seen many Theists work towards a religion and create caste-ism in the name of God! So to all of them – “Oh Come on guys! Enough of it! We are all born as human beings and all are same in the law of universe! “

Before moving on, one last question to this Theist – ” Do you believe in seeing God or in feeling God? “

Now last but not the least, in my opinion the most important person who plays a very important role in everyone’s life!

5. The Inner Me

The most difficult person to communicate with. But yes! That’s a person whom I would like to chat with so that I can get to know the inner me as much as possible! The Inner Me is the one who creates all such misconceptions about many worldly things. I would like to know more of my strengths and weaknesses. I believe God resides in everyone, everything and inside every INNER ME!

So, this question is to The Inner Me – ” Just go through these four people above; The Supreme God, The First Human Being, The Atheist and The Theist and answer what do you want me to do? Should I believe in caste-ism or in one God? The First Human Being was also a human being like us? To him, God was a formless Almighty! Don’t you think?

If so, why can’t we feel God instead of trying to see him? “

I am sure that through such group chats on WECHAT, we all can get answers to many unanswered questions and the open secrets!

Wanna have some wicked experience in a group chat? (Of-course not like mine! ๐Ÿ˜› Mine was something different :P)

Check outย ๐Ÿ˜‰