Tjori – A Tale of Treasures

DSC_1746Started with a team of two, Tjori has not just been a venture, but an inspirational story. It all started when Mansi and Ankit were studying at Wharton Business School in North America. Like everyone else, they too had a dream… a dream to succeed; to make it big.

The two got off the usual platform of getting employed and stepped into a unique venture where they actually showcased the hidden talents of rural Indian craftsmen in the international market., a unique website was started soon through which Indian handcrafted products reached North America.

“We have grown consistently from ‘Tjori – where Indian designs go international’ to ‘Tjori – enchanting designs from across the globe that you will love’ in two years,” Mansi expresses while speaking about Tjori’s growth.

No wonder it is said that only through experiencing the moment practically, we learn something new. The same happened with Mansi. Tjori has taught her every aspect of business. “Tjori has been my classroom where I learnt what entrepreneurship actually is. Having worked in big MNCs for some years, I still find my learning quotient to have been more at Tjori rather than those MNCs,” said Mansi.

Speaking about the initial days of Tjori, Mansi said, “I still remember, the Office (002)website had crashed the day it was launched because of more number of orders than our server could withstand.” She also added, “Every second has been challenging enough. We have worked in multiple roles in the beginning right from accepting the orders to packaging and from marketing to handling customer grievances.”

Mansi also explains that her journey along with her startup Tjori has been great to be precise. She said, “As you know, this was started by just me and Ankit and today we are a team of 22 members and still growing. We are actually hiring more people

now. All I can tell is that the journey has been a great learning experience for each and every one of us,” with a feeling of accomplishment.

Undoubtedly, Tjori started by Mansi Gupta has today become what it really transliterates; a treasure chest. The products being sold by Tjori are those which are rarely found outside the market and if found, they are overly priced.

Meanwhile, speaking about the unique concept behind her venture, Mansi said that Tjori is basically run on limited time period sales model where products come and stay live for two weeks and later get pulled down from the website. People can buy the products only when they are live online.

Mansi recalled that during her Morocco trip when she was studying at Wharton Business School, she realized that there was a great demand for Indian handmade products. Also, she found out that retailers priced the handcrafted products from India insanely high and there were lots of middlemen too in the whole supply chain.

Coming to the Indian handicraft market, it is a 32 billion dollar market and for ages, following the traditional way of exporting these products to countries outside of India. There is a huge supply chain and the idea was to directly reach the customers to get them these handcrafted products from Indian craftsmen, weavers and artisans at the best possible prices and great convenience.

We see many ventures coming and going almost every day, but Tjori seems to be the one which stays for long.


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