I have had this beautiful cat on Earth and her name was Cutie. She looked simply gorgeous, well at least to me. But recently Cutie has gone missing and these are the words I dedicate to her! Miss you Cutie 😦 This poem is for you!

Oh my dear Cutie, where are you?
Ever since you’ve gone I’m damn missing you!
Your sweet voice, your cute lovely face,
You looked beautiful and so did I adore you!

Some parts red and a whole lot of white
A pinch of black color looked perfectly right!
Your mischievous behavior, your slim body,
Your sky blue eyes always looked so bright!

Every time I called you, the way you came near me;
The way you would sit on my shoulders, was so cute to see.
The way you ate vegetables, fruits and fresh green leaves,
Made you a very special one than any other cat could be!

You would play with me jumping here and there,
Also sitting on my shoulders and pulling my hair!
Where are you now baby? What are you doing?
With whom are you playing now and where?

– a poem by Phalgunn Maharishi


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