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Female feticide – a major social problem in India where the foetus is aborted because it is a female! Here is a step taken by ULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS to bring an awareness about the problem. Although music is used in a very limited fashion, yet it has been composed by me 😀

The credits go like this

Concept, Script, Direction and Editing Mahesh K Satija
Music Phalgunn Maharishi
Director of Photography Ashwani Kumar
Actors Avneet Kaur, Jyoti & Tarandeep Singh


DR. HARSHINDER KAUR is a renowned Pediatrician of the region, who has a done a distinctive work on this subject at international level and is a regular attendee at the United Nations on this subject.

ADV. KUSUM SOOD is an excellent combination of a former teacher of English literature and a practicing senior Advocate having a very sensitive approach towards the subject of female feticide.

The third contributor MRS. SATINDER PAL KAUR WALIA is a famous social worker, poetess and writer from Patiala with a standing of over 20 years. She is heading so many social organizations that it is not easy to list them all here.


One thought on “A DEEP ROT!

  1. annetbell says:

    Oh, I hope this comes to the US. I hope you will check-out my blog which is mostly about my 4 months in incredible India! talesalongtheway.com Namaste. . . Anne

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