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Hey! Here’s another poem written by me. Let me please inform that in this poem both ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ are imaginary characters!

So here it goes! 🙂

Without you; my days are boring,
Without you; my nights are sad.
Without you; my life is empty
And forever I will be mad.

Without you; never shall I sleep,
Without you; I’m never awake.
Without you; my life is really waste
And food I will never take.

Without you; my heart shall stop,
Without you; my breath I shall hold.
Without you; my dreams are broken,
And my blood shall become cold.

Without you; nothing I’m, I know,
Without you; there is nothing to me,
Without you; everything is lost
And in this world I will never be.

– a poem by Phalgunn Maharishi


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