I get irritated whenever I see people who are lazy, wake up very late everyday and who say ‘sleeping is my hobby’ and above that when they act as if they are the perfect breed of people on this planet, but still keep hurting others.

So, here I dedicate this small poem written by me to all those kind of people😉

The world around us
so insane and crazy.
People near us,
why are they so lazy?

From top to bottom,
attired with gems and gold.
But inside their heart,
filled with feelings so cold!

– a poem by Phalgunn Maharishi

4 thoughts on “THE WORLD AROUND US

  1. Roohani says:

    I am a early bird too. And all my friends wake up late. They don’t say its a hobby but still.. So I have to think twice before calling them in the morning.

    • Phalgunn Maharishi says:

      hehehe🙂 guess what🙂 I have seen many friends in my facebook friend list having ‘SLEEPING’ either in their workplace, or study or hobby or activities place!!😛 lol… I never understand how sleeping can be a hobby??😛

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