A new poem once again in the genre I am comfortable with writing the most – Romance/Love. What more to tell about it? Just read on dear friends :)

A special girl you are to me my love,
to you i gave my heart but don’t know how.
You are to me my darling and my sweetheart,
no one can replace you forever from now.

You came like an angel; the one that loves me,
my beloved you are and together we are meant to be.
You are to me my madam and i am your Adam,
like you, another girl no one can ever see.

A promise of holding hands; a promise of love for lifetime,
A promise of staying together like the lines of a poem that rhyme.
Being truly yours forever hugging and kissing with love
A promise to make our life sound as pleasant as a wind chime.

To your left i stand and you to my right
Anything together we shall set it alright
At last one more promise here i make
With you forever i shall never fight

- a poem by Phalgunn Maharishi

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