It all began when I was born in Mysore, India to my parents making all possible noises. I was one of a kind for sure; short tempered who always wanted what he wanted and did what he wanted to do. Tried myself a lot to pose as a decent studious kid but remained a naughty one. When small, I always came first in class and coming second was a crime to me! Yup! You read it right. It was a crime to me. Not now of-course!

The small kid slowly grew up with a different ambition every day! One day, I wanted to be a police officer and the other day, a military commander, and some days later, I wanted to be an astronaut and also an IAS officer! Too many ambitions passed through my early immature mind. 

But, the time had come. I wanted to be in media! My mind had struck the perfect shot and bulls-eye, I started working hard on that. Learnt music; both Western and Hindustani forms. Also tried my hands in learning Animation and Digital Illustrations for two years. By then I started working on small music works here and there; composed music for TV shows, Singles and Short films. Then my interest towards media grew more and words attracted me which influenced me to write. Advertisements then began fascinating me and I started watching television for the sake of TV Commercials.

In short, a naughty kid totally transformed into a decent creative media freak who loves to write, read, watch, create, compose, design and above all THINK!


  1. mult talented Phalgunn :) its a great blog you got !! I will have to spend few hours reading all your previous posts :) very nice poems .. Gr8 blog !! Suppa Like !!

    1. hehe :) :) :) huge words they are buddy :) I am surely overwhelmed now!!! :D and yes this is still a baby blog with just 19 posts :D :D so it wont take a few hours i guess ;) and yes… don’t just read.. but also listen to my compositions :D :D they may be in kannada… u may not understand the lyrics… but still… music can be felt :D :D

      1. indeed music is a language in itself … so I am game for it ! :) :) it should not if its 19 posts .. lets see :)

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